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PEER is back!

Young Mendaki Club (YMC)'s flagship youth mentorship programme, PEER [which stands for Positive Experiences, Engaging Relationships] is back for its next edition in 2022! ​

Organised with the support of community partners, M³@Tampines and M³@Woodlands, the YMC PEER programme seeks to provide support, encouragement and positive role models for secondary school students (mentees) by pairing them with older youths from tertiary institutions, and the working world (mentors). The programme incorporates elements of experiential learning and developmental relationships that mentors facilitate through carefully curated activities.

If you are / your child is a Malay / Muslim secondary school student, we would like to extend a warm invitation for you to join us on this journey as a mentee. Registrations are now open!

 We're now accepting registrations for mentees!

The programme is available in two locations: Tampines and Woodlands. Please select the location that would be most convenient for you / your child below:


Why was the PEER mentorship programme created?

Youths today face new challenges that arise from a fast-changing environment. 
The PEER programme believes the community can play an important role in the development of the younger generation to rise to these challenges.


The PEER mentorship programme aims to inculcate the 5Cs of Positive Youth Development in your child: Character, Confidence, Connection, Contribution, Competence. These 5Cs are important characteristics to help youths navigate the various challenges they may face.

The Kakaks and Abangs in the community possess valuable and relatable life experiences that your child can benefit from. Taking on the role of mentors, they can play a crucial role in articulating these characteristics by sharing their experiences.

How does mentoring help me / my child?

Mentors selected are invested in you / your child's development.


They are there to listen to you / your child, support and encourage you / them in achieving their goals. Youth mentors provide a clear vision of what you / your child's future could look like by sharing their unique life stories and experiences.


They can also serve to be a source of inspiration and motivation for you / your child's career aspirations, life goals, self-discovery and more.​


Having a mentor can help to raise your / your child's confidence, self-esteem and may lead to better performance in school.


Being youths themselves, PEER mentors can share their relatable experiences, and even failures, to help you / your child in making better decisions in school and in life, too.

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Highlights from the previous edition!

My experience with YMC Mentoring was that even though you are mentoring the mentees about personal development, at the same time, you are being mentored as well.


It is a collaborative and open minded experience as we got to share as mentors and mentee about our respective life goals, progress and areas of improvements.


This mentoring experience is one that I will remember for a long time. It took me out of my comfort zone and I grew tremendously during this period. Mentors were also well guided throughout the whole process.


The programme opened my eyes to the realities and struggles faced by the mentees.  I saw their grit and perseverance which inspired me greatly. Beautiful friendships were also forged between mentees and mentors. I highly recommend individuals to take on this journey. 

Wardatun Nisaa

I had mentors growing up and I’m extremely grateful to them. This mentoring program is a perfect opportunity for me to give back and be active in helping Malay Youths.


In last year’s mentoring program, I learned so much about myself. By mentoring, it allows me to actively contribute to the success and well being of our Malay/Muslim youths.

Uwais Hatta

Mentoring has the potential to change not just one life, but two. I became a mentor because I wanted to give but the thing I didn’t realise was how much I’d get in return.

As much as my mentees have learnt from me, I’ve also learnt a lot from them.


My mentoring journey has led me to a series of events and opportunities I couldn’t possibly foresee, to experiences, challenges and rewards I never quite anticipate. This experience has further inspired and reignited my love to continue giving back to the society that has given us so much in return.

Nurul Huda

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The programme is available in two locations: Tampines and Woodlands. Please select the location that would be most convenient for you / your child below: