Who are our PEER Mentors?

We believe in tapping on our own community to guide and assist our younger youths through their teenage years. Our PEER mentors are selected from a voluntary pool of university students and young working adults from various academic backgrounds.

Having being youths in the same generation themselves, these PEER mentors have their own diverse experiences and unique life stories, making them perfect mentors for your child in our programme.

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How are the Mentors Selected?

Our mentors will be required to complete an application form, interview selection, and screening with the relevant authorities before being inducted into the programme. They will then be provided training opportunities to enhance their role as a mentor.

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Hear From Past Mentors

"My experience with YMC Mentoring was that even though you are mentoring the mentees about personal development, at the same time, you are being mentored as well. It is a collaborative and open minded experience as we share as mentors and mentee about our life goals, progress and improvements."

- Haris

"I had mentors growing up and I’m extremely grateful to them. This mentoring program is a perfect opportunity for me to give back and be active in helping Malay Youths. In last year’s mentoring program, I learned so much about myself. By mentoring, it allows me to actively contribute to the success and well being of our Malay/Muslim youths"

- Uwais Hatta

"It has been a wonderful experience meeting these young teenagers from various backgrounds and I am sure they have learnt as much as I have from them. I was exposed to meeting people of various backgrounds and ethnicity. I feel grateful to have been part of this mentoring programme."

- Nabilah

"Mentoring has the potential to change not just one life, but two. I became a mentor because I wanted to give but the thing I didn’t realise was how much I’d get in return. As much as my mentees have learnt from me, I’ve also learnt a lot from them. My mentoring journey has led me to a series of events and opportunities I couldn’t possibly foresee, to experiences, challenges and rewards I couldn’t anticipate. This experience has further inspired and reignited my love to continue giving back to the society that has given us so much in return."

- Nurul Huda

"This mentoring experience is one that I will remember for a long time. It took me out of my comfort zone and I grew lot during this period. Mentors were very well guided throughout the whole process. This programme opened my eyes to the realities and struggles faced by the mentees.  I saw their grit and perseverance which inspired me greatly. Moreover, beautiful friendships were forged during this period with both mentees and mentors. Activities and workshops planned for this programme were exciting and impactful for both mentees and mentors alike. I highly recommend individuals to take on this journey as it an unforgettable experience, one that will likely leave an imprint on your hearts."

- Wardatun Nisaa

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