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COVID-19 Advisory:  All activities under PEER will adhere to the latest guidelines prescribed by the Singapore Ministry of Education under the category of "private tuition, enrichment and training" to safeguard the well-being of all participants.


What is PEER?

PEER is a community mentorship programme for youths. Mentors from tertiary institutions and the working world are matched with mentees, comprising students at the secondary school level.


The programme runs from February to August 2024, with engaging activities planned to be held bi-weekly during this period. There will be two concurrent runs of the programme: i.e. in Tampines and in Woodlands.


Activities will be carefully curated to instil the 5Cs of positive youth development: 

Confidence, Competence, Community, Character and Connection.


Who are eligible to sign up as mentees?

All Malay / Muslim individuals who are in secondary school are welcome to apply as mentees.


Why are there two locations?

They have been established to make it more convenient for mentees to participate! You don't have to live in those areas to participate. Just attend the location that is the most convenient for you!


How is the programme responding to the evolving Covid-19 situation?

The programme will be tweaked in accordance to the latest guidelines prescribed by the Singapore Ministry of Education under the category of "private tuition, enrichment and training" to safeguard the well-being of all participants. You will be notified ahead of time in the event of any changes.


Will mentoring really help youths?

There has been a great deal of international research carried out on the benefits of mentoring to a young person.  Research by Tierney and Grossman and Dubois et al has shown that young mentees are less likely to become involved in criminal activity, addictions or to leave school early.


Instead they are more likely to have improved academic performance and have better relationships with their teachers and family compared to their peers who are not mentored.


Who are the mentors and how are they selected?

Our mentors are selected from a voluntary pool of university students and young working adults from a variety of academic backgrounds. Mentor-applicants undergo an interview process and are evaluated based on a set of pre-determined criteria. Shortlisted mentors are subsequently sent for a series of training sessions to prepare and equip them with the right skills to perform the task efficiently.


Who are the organisers of PEER?

The entire PEER Community Programme is run by a team more than 50 dynamic and young volunteers! These volunteers are grouped into teams to develop the programs, design the mentor training curriculum as well as run the operational support (data, volunteer management and marketing communications). It is an incredibly large scale volunteer-led program and we are more than excited to have you onboard as our mentors!


What are Squad Outings?

Squad outings are days set aside for the individual groups to decide and plan their own activities for the day, with a given budget, subjected to approval by mentors and organising group. 


What is the MENDAKI Club?

MENDAKI Club (or MClub in short) is a volunteer-led organisation and a community of Malay/Muslim young professionals and students who are engaged in general affairs concerning the community, Singapore and the world.

MClub engages in strategic youth development initiatives and participate actively in discussions on current developments in the local and global arena.

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