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22 July 2023 | Community Activity

11th PEER Program session on Saturday, 22 July 2023!


Activity: Food Preparation @ Willing Hearts

Dress code: PEER White Mentee T-shirt with long pants with comfortable sports shoes
Arm sleeves are encouraged)

PEER @ Tampines

Time: 9.00am to 1.00pm (Registration starts at 8.15am)

Reporting Venue: Our Tampines Hub Drop-off Point at Arena entrance 
(near to entrance Carpark B)  

Reporting details: 

*For Chartered Bus Service:

Please report directly at Our Tampines Hub Drop-off Point by 8.15am at Arena entrance as transport will be provided. The bus will leave promptly at 8.30am.

Nearest Tampines MRT, 10 mins walk from the MRT station to the pick up point.


PEER @ Woodlands

Time: 2.00 pm to 5.30 pm (Registration starts at 1.15pm)

Reporting Venue: Woodlands MRT Pick-up Point


Reporting Details

*For Chartered Bus Service:

Please report directly at Woodlands MRT pick-up point by 1.15pm as transport will be provided. The bus will leave promptly at 1.30pm.

Nearest station to the pick up point: Woodlands MRT

You may also report directly at the venue at Willing Hearts (1 Lor J Telok Kurau, Singapore 425792). Click here for directions guide to Willing Hearts

*We highly encourage all to take the chartered bus that we have provided.

Things to bring:

  1. Face Mask (COMPULSORY)

  2. Smartphone

  3. Writing Materials - Pen & notebook

  4. Water Bottle

  5. Small sized towel (to wipe off sweat)

  6. Extra change of clothes or an apron

  7. Gloves (optional)

  8. Disposable Hair net (optional)

IMPORTANT (For all participants in PEER@Tampines and PEER@Woodlands)

Please note that for safety and hygiene reasons, participants must wear long pants and covered shoes as the activity involves the handling of food in the kitchen.
Arm sleeves are also strongly encouraged to be worn for hygiene purposes when handling the food in the kitchen.


Wear covered shoes that are preferably non-slip as the kitchen floor could get wet. Please bring an extra set of t-shirts as the shirt may get stained during cooking or alternatively you could choose to bring an apron to be used in the kitchen.
You would not be able to take part in the activity if you are not in appropriate attire.

Mentors/mentees are encouraged to bring a small and light backpack to store the essential items during the activity.  Please note that mentors and mentees are to bring your personal belongings with yourself at all times.

Bags will be gathered and placed on one side as no bags are to be brought into the kitchen.

Any Questions?
If you have any other questions, you may visit our website or contact us at

You may also contact the following PICs if you have urgent queries.

General (before 22 July):  Huda (9794 3681)
Tampines:  Amin (9139 3951)

Woodlands:  Amirrul (9450 4778)


If you have any other questions, you may visit our FAQ page or contact us via email!

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